Why Franchising is the Right Choice for You


Starting a new business is not for the faint of heart. But if you’re looking for the support and benefits from a larger company, proper training, and a great work-life balance, franchising could be for you.

If you’re in the beginning stages of deciding whether or not franchising is the right step to take as you work toward your goals, the Empower Brands team is here with a few things you should know.


The Benefits of Franchising

Independence & Support

As a franchise owner, you will go into business for yourself, not by yourself.

Many entrepreneurs starting their own businesses are often going at it on their own. If you are inexperienced, this can be a very intimidating feat. Franchising, however, allows you to own the independent business you want while having unending support from a team of professionals who have been through the process many times before.

Working for yourself opens a whole new world of possibilities for you and your loved ones. As your business becomes more established, you will enjoy a better work-life balance.

Big Company Benefits

When franchising, you are partnering with an already established brand, allowing you to take advantage of their brand recognition, reach, and benefits.

Business Models

Our proven business models are tested and true, having been refined over years of service, and will help you avoid mistakes that could have been made when opening a business on your own.

Training & Support

Empower Brands is proud to offer professional training and support. This training and ongoing development offers franchise owners marketing and advertising systems, a sales methodology and strong branded sales collateral material, a field services IT platform, business management systems and a chart of accounts for proper tracking.

A More Accessible Start-Up

Finally, franchising is less risky than starting a business from scratch. Funding is more accessible, and our experience and best practices will allow you to avoid costly mistakes often made by new business owners.


How to Know Franchising is Right for You

Now that you know what a franchise can offer you, let’s take a look at what it takes to become a successful franchise owner.

A people person

As a franchise owner, you must be a leader, able to network, build relationships, and be a part of a large community.

Willingness to learn

You must be able and willing to learn and adapt to the operations and training from your franchise.

Be a team player

While you maintain some independence as a franchise owner, you will be working closely with a team of experienced trainers, industry professionals, and your own employees. There is no room for egos here!


Having a passion for the industry you are working in is incredibly important. Passion will drive results, make you more resilient, and make you excited to go to work every morning.


Remember that building a successful business takes time, even with the full support of a franchise behind you. You must be diligent, determined, and patient as you navigate this new time in your career and work toward the results you are looking for.


Empower Brands

If the traits above describe you and you are ready to take the next step in your franchising journey, get started with one of our world-class brands today!  Our team will guide you through each and every step of the process, ensuring that you feel supported and motivated along the way.


Empower Brands is the market-leading franchisor of premium residential and commercial outdoor living services with multiple established national brands — ArchadeckConserva Irrigation, FRSTeam, Intelligent Office, JAN-PRO,  Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, and Superior Fence and Rail.