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The Leading Fence Contractor in America

As the largest national fencing franchise, Superior Fence & Rail offers owners the chance to build a steady, thriving business in the ever-growing outdoor living industry. Beginning with franchising in 2017, Superior Fence & Rail has quickly become the largest fencing company in America. And with strong purchasing power, in-depth field and business training, and proprietary software for client and sales management, no prior fencing experience is needed to run and grow a successful Superior Fence & Rail location. Our proven business model, as well as tools, resources, and processes, help you ramp up operations quickly while making very strong margins.


The Superior Fence & Rail business systems include:


  • A thorough and proven sales process that allows you to differentiate your Superior Fence & Rail franchise location from competitors in your local market.
  • Proprietary software for client and sales management making running your Superior Fence & Rail seamless from day one.
  • In-depth support and training from operations, accounting, marketing, and sales teams as well as ongoing one-on-one support as you run your operation.
  • Group buying power for materials, fabrication, and more.

Hear from our Superior Fence & Rail
Business Owners

"Superior Fence & Rail allows me to focus on my strengths as an operator while giving me the system and the tools to allow my business to grow.”

Mike Crosby

Superior Fence & Rail of Pinellas County

"We are an essential service – we have not slowed down at all so it’s recession proof as far as the economy goes. Honestly, the last part of it is being able to go into someone’s backyard and transform their yard by install a new fence and seeing that person say “Oh my gosh, it looks so great” – just having that intrinsic value on every job site. It feels good when you do that for somebody else.”

Ralph Barden

Superior Fence & Rail of Pensacola

Build a Future with Superior Fence & Rail

  • Largest national fence franchise
  • Average Price Per Project of $7,103*
  • Average New Franchisee Sales of $2.2M in 2022*
  • Average Gross Profit Margin of 38.7%*
Tall wood fence in a backyard

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