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Illuminating North America Since 1995

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers a chance to take your future into your own hands while transforming the exterior of residential and commercial properties. From outdoor lighting highlighting the architectural details of properties to garden illumination to festive patio string lights to seasonal holiday lighting, our architectural and landscape lighting company has designed and installed over 150,000 lighting systems across North America and around the world.


With a low investment, this proven business model that has been developed and refined over the last 20 years, we have the tools, processes, procedures, and IT systems in place to help you ramp up operations at a faster pace than you would be able to on your own while operating at very strong margins.


The Outdoor Lighting Perspectives business systems include:


  • A proven sales process that includes a demonstration of the lighting effects on a property that consistently produces exceptional sales closing rates.
  • Proprietary fixtures sold to franchisees at a considerable cost of goods advantage compared to local competitors.
  • Three lucrative revenue streams that include:
    • Installation of residential and commercial lighting systems
    • Maintenance plans that produce strong recurring revenue for franchisees
    • Holiday lighting program to extend the sales and installation season throughout the year
  • Commercial work, typically in the hospitality industry, sourced by the franchisor that is provided to franchisees to be performed locally.

Hear from our Outdoor Lighting Perspectives
Business Owners

"I joined the operation because we already have a couple businesses and we saw this as an opportunity to take our existing client base and add to it by bringing in additional revenue to our organization. We have found it to be extremely successful – it’s been a good mix for our customer base as well as us.”

Jim Hilliard

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Dayton-Cincinnati

"Talking to other franchisees, I was able to see the opportunities that existed, to help take that franchise to the next level. We were able to increase revenue over 100% in the first year. We should be close to a 50% growth rate in year two as well.”

George Council

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Montgomery and Bucks Counties

"The OLP Support team has been great from day one. I think the transition has been very smooth, and the things that we didn’t know how to do very well, that’s where the support team for our franchise has been able to come in and help us troubleshoot some of those things where maybe our background didn’t support those areas as much.”

Frank and Mitch Sweeney

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Indianapolis

Your Future Looks Bright with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

  • Average number of fixtures installed per project of 19
  • Average retail price per fixture of $229.53
  • Average retail price per project of $4,016.57
Large house and backyard with outdoor and indoor lights on

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