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JAN-PRO Systems

Founded in 1991, the JAN-PRO System consists of three tiers including

JAN-PRO Systems International™, JAN-PRO Franchise Development™ and JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting™.


  • JAN-PRO Franchise Development consists of over 125 regional sub-franchisors that sell JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting unit franchises and provide outsourced business support and coaching to independently owned JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting business owners. JAN-PRO Franchise Development is in business to build businesses. As regional franchisors, JAN-PRO Franchise Development allows entrepreneurs to build the business of their dreams with coaching, guidance, and business support systems. 


  • JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting is the largest commercial cleaning franchise in the country with over 10,000 small business owners consisting of independently owned unit franchisees that perform cleaning and disinfecting services for their customers. 



  • JAN-PRO Systems International develops the systems and provide brand governance, leadership and guidance that help to promote and develop JAN-PRO Franchise Development and JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting brands respectively with business support services and market leadership in 41 states throughout 9 countries. JAN-PRO Systems International’s mission has been to help people realize their dreams of business ownership through service industry franchising by continually innovating a reliable, best-in-class mentoring and support framework to help independently owned unit franchises grow and prosper. JAN-PRO Systems International aims to maintain a professional environment of integrity, trust and mutual respect that nurtures strong, lasting relationships within its network of owners and independently owned unit franchisees. With guidance and support from an established franchise model, JAN-PRO Systems International is the proven commercial cleaning franchisor that aspiring entrepreneurs trust for financial success.

Hear from our JAN-PRO
Business Owners

"I was 17 years old when my father Dave Hughes started JAN-PRO of Arkansas. I remember cleaning the first account at the YMCA because there were no unit franchisees at the time. I went off to college and had my own career in logistics before coming back to JAN-PRO Franchise Development in 2018. There were 60 franchisees servicing roughly 400 customers around central Arkansas when I arrived. In 2019, we opened the Northwest Arkansas office and expanded our footprint. Now in 2022, we have 127 franchisees servicing roughly 700 customers throughout Arkansas. I really fell in love with JAN-PRO Franchise Development and helping these entrepreneurs get started in the janitorial industry.
The recent Southwest Missouri expansion allows us to continue our mission and promote from within. We will promote a current employee as she relocates to assume the Director of Operations role. We have always been able to promote from within and use my office as the training and culture development hub. My people really get what we are trying to accomplish and expanding that vision is a true blessing."

Nolan Hughes

JAN-PRO of Southwest Missouri

“Tony and I could not be more excited about the opportunity to grow the legacy of Phoenix and could not be more appreciative of Sandy’s team, Boathouse Capital and JPSI’s work and dedication in helping to facilitate a smooth and seamless transition. This was truly a team effort, and we are excited to grow the brand and be a good partner in helping JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting be the industry leader.”

Brad Rush

JAN-PRO of Phoenix

"People are what makes the JAN-PRO franchise special. When I was determining whether to stay in the military or not, I reached out to multiple Franchise Developers around where I lived at the time as well as the founder, Jacques Lapointe. They all were more than welcoming and helpful, and I could quickly tell that JAN-PRO was a family in addition to a business. Even after I became a Regional Developer, I have continued to reach out to the other Regional Developers for help and support, and not even one has given me anything less than their full attention and help."

Anthony and Dominic Gentile

JAN-PRO of Huntsville

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