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Koala Insulation was founded in 2019 and is rapidly expanding across the United States. As a full-service insulation installer, Koala focuses on an exceptional customer experience all while seeking to provide homeowners with energy and money-saving insulation services. Offering blown-in, spray foam, batt and a variety of add on services, Koala looks to address our customers pain points, aiming to improve comfort and increase efficiency. As Koala continues to grow, it is our to reduce overall energy waste and greenhouse gas emissions from homes and businesses. 

Our franchise is the industry leader and offers the numbers to prove it.


  • Koala Insulation is the 2nd largest insulation company in the country
  • Koala offers a variety of insulation options
    • Batt Insulation, Blow-In, and Spray Foam
  • We have national partnerships that we utilize to help strengthen our brand
  • All-inclusive training week to ensure all of our franchise partners can execute at the highest level in their market 
  • Blow-in rig and state-of-the-art spray foam trailers are outfitted in house for quick startup

Hear from our Koala Insulation
Business Owners

"Investing in an Intelligent Office franchise is the best decision we’ve ever made. We’re unique in the industry because we offer far more than beautiful office spaces.”

Leslie Keenan

Intelligent Office in Washington D.C. and Maryland

"We support hundreds of small businesses, which is tremendously rewarding. If you’re going to get into this business, now is the time to do it.”

Mark Fogelman

Intelligent Office in Pennsylvania

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with Koala Insulation

  • Average gross revenue of $484,476 in 2020 FDD
  • Multiple revenue streams with lucrative client relationships
  • Comprehensive support in site selection, build out construction, coaching, marketing, and more

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